Old Brooklyn '74

Brecksville '97

Parma '98

Solon '12


Homemade since '74

The story of Honey Hut, founded by Frank and Marianne Page in 1974, showcases their entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to quality and community. Frank’s chance discovery of a “For Sale by Owner” sign at Bruno’s Shoe Repair led to the transformation of the property into an ice cream shop. Over five decades, Honey Hut has thrived, expanding to multiple scoop shops and becoming a beloved establishment in Northeast Ohio.

Honey Hut’s recognition as the top choice in Northeast Ohio, determined by the Cleveland Plain Dealer Ice Cream Playoffs, highlights the quality and popularity of their ice cream. The visit of a U.S. President to the Cleveland store, enjoying a double scoop cone of Chocolate Chocolate Chip, adds to the brand’s storied history.

The commitment to using fresh fruits and partnering with local Cleveland dairies reflects Honey Hut’s dedication to quality ingredients and supporting the local community. This commitment has become a defining aspect of Honey Hut’s identity, creating a strong connection with customers.


Since then, Frank’s children and grandchildren have taken on the responsibility of shepherding his vision, now operating five locations throughout Northeast Ohio. In addition to managing locations in Brecksville, Brunswick, Parma, Solon, and our original location in Old Brooklyn they have also taken over the responsibility of making new ice cream flavors.

Now offering our ice cream at Meijer grocery stores. Bring the goodness home and treat yourself to our rich, creamy indulgence whenever the craving strikes. From classic favorites to unique creations, our ice cream is crafted with care and quality ingredients, ensuring a taste that’s simply unmatched.

As Honey Hut continues to flourish, it symbolizes the Page family’s enduring dedication, the success of seizing unexpected opportunities, and the importance of maintaining a strong connection to both product quality and the local community.