Honey Hut


Limited Time flavors

Jamocha Chocolate Chip

Rich chocolate, coffee ice cream with dark chocolate chips sprinkled throughout


Pistachio based with whole roasted pistachios sprinkled throughout

Peanut Butter Brownie Chunk

Peanut butter based ice cream with chocolate chips and brownie bites sprinkled throughout

Our Full Menu

Vanilla<br />


Vanilla ice cream with a touch of golden sweetness, as luscious honey weaves seamlessly into the cream

Chocolate<br />


Chocolate ice cream elevated to new heights as velvety honey intricately blends

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Delight in the ultimate chocolate lover’s dream with chocolate chocolate chip ice cream


Savor the sweet embrace of strawberry ice cream, where strawberries meet the luxurious touch of honey-infused cream.

Sea Salt Caramel

The perfect balance of salty and sweet is enhanced by a velvety honey-infused cream.

Honey Pecan

Honey Pecän

Our signature favorite, honey-infused Ice Cream with caramelized Pecans.

Chocolate pecan

Chocolate Pecän

Blend of chocolate and caramelized pecans is elevated by the subtle sweetness of honey-infused cream


Fresh Banana

Smooth and luscious banana-flavored ice cream, offering a tropical twist to a classic frozen treat.


Orange Blossom

Burst of citrus sunshine with orange ice cream, as the bright, oranges are complemented by the richness of honey-infused cream

Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint chocolate chip with a touch of luxury as honey-infused cream harmonizes with the cool mint and chocolate chips

Cookies n' Cream

Creamy vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate fudge and studded with chunks of Oreo™ cookies


Tropical paradise, where the exotic essence of coconut is enriched by the subtle sweetness of honey-infused cream

Business Hours

Friday-Sunday: 2 - 9pm
Old Brooklyn
Friday-Sunday: 12 - 8pm
Friday-Sunday: 12 - 8pm






Parma Location

6250 State Rd, Cleveland, OH 44134

Order Now

Our original shoppe on State Rd, open since 1974, features a walk-up ordering window and plenty of outdoor seating at our patio. Our Dairy Plant production facility, where you’ll see us toiling away noon and night to produce enough ice cream to supply our stores, also sits just behind the shoppe.

This location offers a full selection of frozen dessert treats beyond our original honey ice cream, including our smoothies, Twisters®, hand-dipped old fashioned milkshakes and malts, hand-dipped Pints and Quarts, and specialty sundaes.